Easy and powerful REST APIs for Django.

Why Use Django-Conduit?

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Getting Started

Django-Conduit will automatically create your starting api based on your existing models.

  1. Install via PyPI: pip install django-conduit

  2. Add the following to your INSTALLED_APPS:

        # 'api',
  3. Generate your API app by running the following:

    ./ create_api [name_of_your_app] --folder=api
  4. Uncomment ‘api’ in your INSTALLED_APPS

  5. Point your main URLconf (normally project_name/ to your new ‘api’ app:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        url(r'^api/', include('api.urls')),
  6. Visit localhost:8000/api/v1/[model_name] to fetch one of your new resources!

All your new resources will be defined in api/, and they will be registered with your Api object in api/

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